EFC Norge AS was established in 2011 and as of today is one of the biggest and leading metal and wooden framed inside and outside wall construction builders in Norway. We mostly build large-scale projects: schools, hospitals, office and apartment buildings. We employ over 100 professional carpenters and work all over Norway (Oslo, Ålesund, Tromsø, Sandefjord, Bergen, Bodø … ).

Our main profession is carpentry and we mainly executed following tasks:

  • Metal and wooden framed inside and outside walls
  • Metal and wooden framed roofs and ceilings
  • Facades and terraces
  • Parquet, doors and list work

Our clients are the biggest Norwegian constructions corporations:  HENT AS, AF Gruppen AS, Veidekke Entrepreneør AS, NCC Construction AS, Betonmast AS, Selvaag Gruppen AS, Consto AS…