Wage increase with a carpenter’s diploma


Gain professional recognition and also wage increase by getting a Norwegian approval of your Estonian/Latvian carpenter’s diploma!

The Norwegian Assistance Centre for the recognition of professional qualifications (NOKUT in Norwegian) published a video featuring our employees Ott Soomets, Reimo Tiitso and Ole-Christian Opseth. The video informs that by accrediting through NOKUT, a foreign builder’s diploma will be equivalent to a Norwegian diploma. This will mean accept and recognition by Norway and an increase in wages. NOKUT’s goal is to have as many officially qualified workers as possible on Norwegian construction sites, and also to encourage everyone who has a builder’s diploma from their home country to accredit it in Norway.

Well done – Ott, Reimo and Ole-Christian!

We are really proud of all 25 EFC employees from both Estonia and Latvia who have already accredited their diploma in Norway. To those who have a diploma from Estonia or Latvia but not yet the Norwegian one, we encourage to do so. EFC will support and assist you in this process.

For those who do not yet have a diploma – EFC works closely with Tallinn Construction School, which enables the acquisition of the education (and diploma) beside the construction work.

We hope that we will have even more builders qualified by norway in the future!

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