Renault ZOE


Our team has been driving electric cars since January 2020. We replaced all cars with environmentally friendly electric cars and today we have a total of 24 cars.

All cars are 2020 Renault ZOE models with a battery of 52 kWh. This allows to drive ~220-230 km in one charge in winter and ~280-300 km in summer.

We are thinking green and that was one of the main reasons why we turned our car fleet into electric cars. In addition, many recyclable materials have been used in the interior design of ZOEs. 100% redesigned ZOE seats, dashboard cover, gear lever mounting, center console base fabric, door upholstery and even seat belts. For example, textiles contain PET fibers from recycled plastic bottles.

Reanult ZOE won the title of “Green Car of the Year” in 2019.



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