Building of the Year 2018


In 2018, LHL project was awarded the title “ Building of the Year 2018”. EFC Norge AS had a big role in its completion.

It is a large complex consisting of a hospital, a rehabilitation center, an office and a hotel.

Area: 28,500 m²

* This project was one of the most complicated/challenging for us and had a biggest budget in EFC history
* At the peak time, there were 80 of our employees
* Construction works lasted for 1,5 years

Our works:
* 75 000 m² gypsum works
* 8000 m² facade works
* Installation of windows and doors

The project team: Raido Vetesina, Jevgeni Babilo, Andrus Kranach, Jaanus Pedanik, Sten Hünerson and Ain Villik.

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